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WinTimer V5.301S for Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Breakpoint WinTimer  is a 32-bit Windows Time Management Program designed to simplify the tedious work of computing computer rentals of up to 50 computers. In addition, Breakpoint WinTimer includes computation of printing charges and discounts. charges and discounts.

The concept in creating Breakpoint WinTimer is based on the philosophy "if you know how to 'OK', then you know how to use WinTimer." It is because, WinTimer integrates toolbars, menus, shortcut keys and command buttons that makes it easy to use and understand. Moreover, WinTimer stays at the Taskbar for easy access with the left or right click of a mouse when minimized or closed. And it is also equipped with a pop-up menu for easier accessibility of WinTimer's powerful features.

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Key Benefits

> Easy to install and use. It is one of the easiest timer cafe to use and maintain.
> It can simultaneously monitor 50 computers all at the same time even with different type of rental (i.e. Internet, Games).
> Individual user can monitor their own elapsed time and amount to be paid when running on a network environment.
> It maintains a daily log file than can be previewed or printed.
> Color-coded computer icon to avoid confusion among different kinds of rental.
> It can be setup to set a time limit for a particular computer. (like an alarm clock)
> Rental rates can be easily configured.
> It includes a computation for printing charges and discount.
> It stays at the Taskbar for easy access with right or left click of the mouse.
> An autolock feature can be enabled such that no computer can be used unless it is time in.
> Add expenses logs.
> View monthly profit statement.
> Supports more than 1GB of data.


> It locks computer by disabling the mouse and keyboard. This feature does NOT prevent other programs from running NOR 'cripple' the computer. Unlike other 'locking techniques' used by other programs that covers the whole screen and setting the window always on top, WinTimer uses a different procedure that is provided and well-documented in the Platform SDK provided by Microsoft.
> It can restart, shutdown and wake-up connected clients.
> Allows the user to avail multiple service(e.g. Internet, Games...) without logging out.
> A time limit can be set and depending on the settings, it can automatically lock the computer.
> You can adjust time in if it happens you forgot to do so. (This happens in real life!)
> Transferring the time from one computer to another is just a click of the mouse.
> Sometimes, a customer wanted to discontinue his/her time. WinTimer has a tool to cancel his/her time.
> Separate rates for MEMBER and NON-MEMBER. (If you shop offers one)
> While renting a computer, a customer may avail other services you offer like printing, buying supplies, etc. You can add this charges so that you can never forget them.
> Easier to setup.
> Support for Wake-on-LAN.


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